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Jurisdiction: Greensboro

University: Guilford College

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Zaynah Afada is a Lead for North Carolina Fellow for the City of Greensboro in the Human Relations Department. With the Human Relations Department, Zaynah works on fair housing investigations and mediations. Prior to LFNC, Zaynah served as an executive member of the International Advisory Committee at Guilford College, a project coordinator for Summit Cone Community Center, and a project coordinator at the Newcomers Garden Project. She was also a historical interpreter at the Charlotte Hawkins Brown Historic Site. Zaynah earned her BA in Community Justice and Policy Studies with a minor in Political Science from Guilford College, where she was a Bonner Scholar.

On where she calls home: I call both Greensboro NC and Togo home. I was born in Togo but raised in Greensboro. I cannot pick one city in Togo because I have family in different cities. Although I haven't gotten the chance to return to my country, I'm looking forward to the day I will.

Recent Work Accomplishments:
Zaynah updated the Human Relations Fair Housing Department web page to include a fair housing inquiry intake form. She also has participated in planning the Domestic Violence kick-off event. She was recently recruited to participate in NC GEAR (Govt. Alliance on Race and Equity) along with eight other representatives to learn and create an equity curriculum and policy for local governments.