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Jurisdiction: Norwood

University: UNC - Asheville

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Zane graduated from the University of North Carolina at Asheville with a BS in Environmental Management and Policy and both minors in mathematics and economics. During her time at UNCA she served as a student senator for the SGA, as the president of Active Students for a Healthy Environment, and as a McCullough Fellow. She graduated with both distinction from the honors program and as a university research scholar, as she was published as a first author in Energy Policy for her paper, "Should North Carolina require more efficient water heaters in homes? A cost-benefit analysis."


Blog Posts

An Open Love Letter to Cohort Three

by Zane Carroll

  Yesterday was my twenty-fourth birthday. Early in the day, one of the other fellows in my cohort reached out to me to say, “happy birthday ily i am so grateful to have you in my life!! Your friendship makes this fellowship worth it.” Living and working in rural areas …


A small town in the age of great political divide

by Zane Carroll

On my first day, working for the Town of Norwood, I toured around the town hall and downtown block. I was brought up to speed with the Town Revitalization plans and was introduced to, what felt like, every person in the town. Every new person I spoke to expressed their …