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Jurisdiction: Spencer

University: UNC - Chapel Hill

Hometown: Denver, NC

Since graduating, Skye has been working in Outdoor Education around the country, and most recently has been working an Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety internship with a multinational manufacturing company. For several years, she has been learning about the incredible capacity of local governments to address systemic problems in their jurisdictions through community engagement. Through LFNC, she will be able to support solutions by working with a dynamic and engaged group of town administrators. She is excited for the incredible learning opportunities and practical experiences that will set her on the path to public service.


Blog Posts

Thoughts on the Salisbury Avenue Stroad

by Skye Allan

A Stroad is a terrible word for an appropriately named, terrible thing. The Stroad is a combination of a ‘Road’ and a ‘Street’ and is not successful at preforming the role of either. I take my research and the following definitions from the US Department of Transportation and from the …