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Jurisdiction: Lexington

University: Western Carolina University

Hometown: Lexington, NC

Rebecca is originally from Lexington, NC, and is a graduate of Western Carolina University. She has been involved in SGA and served as the Student Body President and a voting member of the Board of Trustees. Rebecca was also part of the Student Democracy Coalition and a number of other organizations while at WCU.

On her future and purpose: Public service was instilled in me from a young age from watching both my parents work long hours in law enforcement. At 10 years old, I walked around my nana’s work with a petition to make it illegal to kill sharks. Then in college, I advocated for my fellow peers through our Student Government Association and the UNC Association of Student Governments, promoted inclusive programs through the Intercultural Affairs Council, and encouraged civil involvement through the Student Democracy Coalition. I believe the government's role is to serve the people, and I am excited for the opportunity with LFNC to get hands-on experience doing so at the local level within my hometown.