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Jurisdiction: Edgecombe County

University: Middlebury College

Hometown: Clinton, NC

Nyreke Peters is the Lead for North Carolina Fellow for Edgecombe County. Nyreke graduated from Middlebury College with a BA in Sociology and Anthropology. While at Middlebury, Nyreke was a member of the College Debate Society, Black Student Union, and a WRMC Radio DJ. In addition, Nyreke, along with classmates, led public speaking workshops for an elder care center known as Elderly Services. He has previous experience working in local government as an intern for the City of Clinton Planning Department.


Blog Posts

“Voices from a Pandemic”: A Conversation with a Leader in Public Health

by Nyreke Peters

As a part of my work scope as a fellow for Edgecombe County, I’ve been asked to strategize ways to increase the county’s overall vaccination rate. Currently, the vaccination rate in Edgecombe County is less than 45%. Although the number of COVID – 19 cases in Edgecombe County remains relatively …