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Jurisdiction: Rockingham County

University: NC State University

Hometown: Cary, NC

Nina Worth conducted a thorough analysis on hazard pay relating to COVID-19 for county employees; that research is now being used in communities across North Carolina. She also worked on projects that increased internet access to low-income students for schooling. A graduate of N.C. State, she was inducted into N.C. State’s honors program and Pi Sigma Alpha.

On her future and purpose: I hope to work on improving representation and diversity in public service. I have always had an inclination towards public service and found great fulfilment in being an advocate for all people. In the future, I hope to widen the scope of advocacy in public service that reflects and represents everyone.


Blog Posts

Where Do We Fit in This Long Fight?

by Nina Worth

By Shelby Holmes (LFNC Fellow – Shelby) and Nina Worth (LFNC Fellow – Rockingham County) Lead for North Carolina’s model matches each fellow with a community “facing considerable challenges, [with] significant need for young talent and innovative thinking.” It’s based around the idea that, as young post-grads, we often think …


A “Nervous” Area for Local Government

by Nina Worth

In “Race and Social Equity” Susan T. Gooden discusses why race and social equity prove to be a “nervous” area of government By Nina Worth (LFNC Fellow – Rockingham County) Days after America inaugurated its first woman of color as Vice President, I finished “Race and Social Equity: A Nervous …