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Jurisdiction: North Wilkesboro

University: Davidson College

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Mary Elizabeth from Davidson College. At Davidson she led student leadership programs with Davidson Outdoors and was an assistant teacher for her quantitative research methods classes. She has experience working with federal, state, and local level government by interning on Capitol Hill, North Carolina’s 2020 Coordinated Campaign, and Charlotte International House. As a fellow, Mary Elizabeth hopes to listen and learn from town members and become a part of the North Wilkesboro community.


Blog Posts

Housing in Wilkes

by Mary Elizabeth Campbell

Despite ranking as one of the geographically largest counties in the state at 754.28 square miles, Wilkes County experiences one of North Carolina’s most extreme housing shortages. This election year, affordable housing, alongside attracting industry and town-sharing agreements emerged as top speaking points for North Wilkesboro’s mayoral and commissioner candidates. …