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Jurisdiction: Anson County

University: Elon University

Hometown: Vienna, VA

Liam Brailey is the Lead for North Carolina Fellow for Anson County. His current work as a special assistant to the County Manager deals with issues such as land-use planning, emergency radio systems, budgeting and grant applications. Liam graduated summa cum laude from Elon University with a BA in Political Science and Policy Studies and minors in History and Classics. While at Elon, Liam received honors for his academic and personal achievements, including recognition as the “Best Student in Policy Studies 2019” and induction into the Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa academic honor societies. He has previous experience working in local government as an intern for the Town of Vienna Planning Department in his home state of Virginia.

On his future and purpose: LFNC fits so well with what I want to do with my life. I’ve wanted to be a town or county manager for a couple years now, but I did not really know how to get there after graduation. Two years of work in local government paired with so many learning opportunities means I will be in a great position for graduate school and eventual management I’m excited to work on local government problems because they involve innovative solutions with immediate and tangible results. The decisions you make everyday have the potential to grow your community and change lives.

Recent Work Accomplishments:
Liam expanded Anson County’s purchasing capacity through his research with the UNC School of Government. He also collaborated on a draft RFP for a $7,000,000 Department of Social Services building. Liam is the project lead on updating the county's PSAP equipment to be compatible with a new state highway patrol 800Mhz communications tower. He also crafted a vertical asset list to attract WISP broadband providers to Anson County. These efforts were coordinated with the State Broadband Infrastructure Office to increase broadband access to rural areas.


Blog Posts

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