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Jurisdiction: Hickory

University: UNC-Asheville

Hometown: Roxboro, NC

Layne Cole recently graduated from UNC Asheville. Layne has long cultivated experience in human rights advocacy and finds no higher honor than uplifting his community and fighting for justice in every form. During his time at UNC Asheville, he has published works advocating for sustainable agriculture, racial equity in housing, and equitable finance/lending practices. Layne hopes to bring his drive and expertise to the community. He hopes to use his passion to make the world a better place for all.

On my future and purpose: I have always found my purpose in life to play a role in human rights advocacy. By participating in the LFNC program I hope to express my dedication to equality, public service, and community-building through my actions. I also want to go to graduate school for Urban Development and I believe this will be an irreplaceable experience for my education and professional career. Overall, this opportunity will be a great stepping stone for me to be a more responsible and knowledgeable advocate for positive change in the many places and communities I call home.


Blog Posts

Hickory 101  

by Layne Cole

For the past few months, I have had the honor of serving the City of Hickory. As a fellow working in the Budget Office, I have worked closely with other departments but had had little interaction outside of official business. Much of my work is crucial to the daily, and …