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Jurisdiction: Person County

University: UNC-Chapel Hill

Hometown: Cary, NC

Keshav Javvadi is the LFNC Fellow for Person County. Keshav graduated with honors from UNC Chapel Hill. At UNC-CH, Keshav was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa academic honor society, danced for two dance teams, and was very involved in student government. He served as the Ethics Chair in the Undergraduate Senate in his sophomore year, before becoming the Senate Speaker his junior year. He then served as the Joint Governance Council Chair his senior year. He has previous experience working on state and local government issues as an intern for the UNC School of Government's ncIMPACT Initiative.

On his future and purpose: LFNC is a great fit for me and my career because I envision my whole career being dedicated to public service. I strongly believe we need more passionate people in government in order to adequately serve our communities, especially considering all the pressing issues facing our country at the moment.


Blog Posts

Start of My Fellowship

by Keshav Javvadi

The only thing I’ve experienced recently that’s been more challenging than the first few months of my professional career has been figuring out how to express the extent of that challenge in this blog post.  The fact that the transition from college to adulthood is difficult may be a cliché, …