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Jurisdiction: Foothills Regional COG

University: UNC-Asheville

Hometown: Nebo, NC

Katelyn graduated magna cum laude from UNC-Asheville and was a member of the Active Students for a Healthy Environment (ASHE) club. Katelyn also had the opportunity to intern at the Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina during her senior year. This experience provided Kateyln with hands on experience with a nonprofit conservation.

On her fellowship: I am looking forward to my position as a Fellow for Lead for NC! I hope that my purpose can be to make a difference in the communities that I serve. I am excited about the work I will be a part of and what this opportunity means for me, as well as, the future of local government in our great state.


Blog Posts

My Experience as a Fellow

by Katelyn Smith

Life after college has been one of the biggest challenges I have encountered in the past four years. No one prepares you for the real world and all the changes you’ll face after graduation. I have come to learn that a job is nothing like college and everything you have …