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Jurisdiction: Martin County

University: UNC Chapel Hill

Hometown: Winston Salem, NC

Elizabeth graduated from UNC Chapel Hill, where she majored in Political Science and Environmental Studies and minored in Urban Studies and Planning. While at UNC, Elizabeth was a member of the Varsity Women’s Rowing Team and was voted captain by her teammates. Keeping service at the forefront of her pursuits at Carolina, she earned UNC’s ACC Top Six for Service Award in 2020, an award recognizing six student-athletes who contributed outstanding outreach in the community.

On where she calls home: During my lifetime, Winston-Salem has made great strides through government action and community involvement to improve equity, focus on the environment, and nurture economic growth. Though Winston-Salem will always be my hometown, I am excited to learn from other municipalities as a LFNC Fellow to expand my understanding of what makes an enduring community.


Blog Posts

Reversing the Narrative

by Elizabeth Mitchell

By Elizabeth Mitchell (LFNC Fellow – Martin County) August 31, 2020 In my undergraduate classes at UNC Chapel Hill, I learned about the mass migration of people from rural communities to urban hubs. Our fellowship is meant to bring young people back to local governments in areas experiencing population decline. …