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Jurisdiction: Liberty

University: Western Carolina University

Hometown: Asheboro, NC

Brice graduated magna cum laude from Western Carolina University. His previous professional experience includes working with Asheboro as the facility manager for the Cultural and Recreations department.

On where he calls home: I call Randolph County home. My family roots run deep in the small town of Seagrove. I was involved in sports and traveling around the county gave me a unique perspective on all the various parts of Randolph County. This fellowship is a great opportunity to give back to the area that helped form me into who I am today.


Blog Posts

The Importance of Training for Council Members

by Brice Dalke

In most towns, there are few requirements for someone to be eligible to run for a council member position. One might argue that these members could be under-qualified to make decisions for a town. However, this does not mean that those who become council members are ill suited for the …