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Jurisdiction: MidCarolina COG

University: Elon University

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Andrew graduated magna cum laude from Elon University. He has experience working in local and state government. This experience includes working in the district office for a US senator, interning for county commissioners, and helping a candidate run their campaign for local office. Andrew is most looking forward to developing a better understanding of the various North Carolina governmental systems and contributing to a collaborative effort between multiple local governments.

On where you call home: To me, a home is a place where I feel that I have a special connection. While I don't need to physically reside in a specific area for me to call it home, I believe that home is a location where something positively impactful on your life has occurred. One of the more exciting parts of this fellowship is that I will be placed in a brand new location where the ingredients are there to create those impactful experiences which will allow me to call this new place home.