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The NC COVID-19 Student Response Corps is back for 2022!

The NC COVID-19 Student Response Corps was launched in May 2020 by Lead for North Carolina/UNC School of Government and the NC Office of Strategic Partnerships, in collaboration with many partners. Through the Response Corps, students had internships with local government and nonprofit organizations that needed support for COVID-19 response and other efforts.

Partners in the effort included the NC Rural Center, the NC Association of County Commissioners, the NC League of Municipalities, Hometown Strong, the Office of the Governor/VolunteerNC, numerous institutions of higher education, local governments, and nonprofit organizations from across North Carolina.

This database contains internship opportunities submitted by host organizations. The database will be updated as organizations add and fill internship opportunities. To apply to any of these opportunities, fill out this form. If you have questions about a specific opportunity, please contact the host organization directly.

You can preview the database below or use the full database via Airtable. Tips for navigating the database:

  • Accessing the full database is not necessary, however, doing so provides additional options for searching and makes the information more readable.

  • The “filter”, “group”, and “sort” tools allow you to manipulate the data and search for certain conditions. For example, you could search for opportunities that are remote and require research and data analysis skills.

  • If some of the text in the database appears hidden, click the cell to expand it. You can hit the space bar when selecting a cell to see the entire internship entry.

  • Contact information for each opportunity is listed in the database – be sure to include the exact email address in your application to ensure the host organization receives your application.

  • Changes you make to this sheet will not change the database itself, so feel free to filter, select, and hide fields.

  • Decide which fields to view by using the “hide fields” button and turning certain columns on and off.

  • You can download the database or copy and paste cells.

Don’t worry – when you work in the database, it does not alter it for other viewers.

For other questions, please read the FAQ or direct questions about the NC COVID-19 Response Corps to