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The transition is hard, and it is something that can’t be prepared for because it’s life. Somedays will be harder than others. One day it feels like the world is at your disposal and you’re at top of the mountain skying downhill. Then, BAM suddenly you hit a rock and are knocked off the skies, and unsure which direction to take or if it’s safe to get back up. It makes me wonder if that is the transition. The transition from academia to a working professional life. I wonder if that is the transition from being able to take a nap once a day between college classes, or the transition from moving from a familiar place to a place where you have to GPS the nearest grocery store or gas station. The transition is hard. It’s unchartered territory. It’s learning how to intentionally wake up on time, get dressed, eat breakfast or not, and drive to work. Unfortunately, only to sit at the desk in front of the computer sometimes unsure of your place in this new environment or unsure of your work. However, I think this is good because these thoughts and feelings of hopelessness, sadness, uncertainty, happiness, and excitement are all a part of the transition. The transition that no one can prepare you for because its life.