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After college I had the mindset that graduate school was the next step, which is until I started thinking about my personal statement. I really could not decide what my focus should be. Then there was this program I heard about, Lead for North Carolina (LFNC) and changed my plans. You could say I put all my eggs in one basket when I applied to this program, because at the same time I stopped applying to graduate schools. LFNC was the opportunity I needed to develop a better idea of purpose and understanding of local government as well as gain experience before going back to school.

Reflecting on my first three months of service in Town of Troy, the learning process has been a whirlwind. Every day I am taking on new tasks, meeting new people and learning new skills to help me in my current position and beyond.

In my first week serving in Troy, I signed up for a CPR, AED, and first aid course on a journey to become an instructor with the ability teach all our town’s employees. An unexpected journey to be sure but not an unwelcome one. After becoming a certified instructor, I started looking around town hall for the AED I assumed we would have, only to find out that the town had only one between all the departments including police and fire. A new goal thus presented itself, find funding opportunities for AEDs in every department. Within the month I was submitting a grant for public safety with the hopes of providing AEDs across all town facilities.

Another opportunity I have taken has included working closely with the planning director to plan events and develop Main Street. Working events has given me the chance to meet people in the community and create relationships that will help me as I work on projects. In my second week I worked my first town concert. Since then, I have worked five more concerts getting to interact with people and official I might not otherwise meet.

The goalpost has been ever-changing on the projects I was initially brought in to work on, allowing for new opportunities. I have had the ability to be creative in service and find new perspectives to local governance. Seizing the opportunity to do projects that were not in the original plans and continuing to learn as I serve in the Town of Troy as a LFNC fellow.