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At the beginning of the fellowship, I cannot even lie I was very nervous because I didn’t really have any experience involving government work besides working with CMPD. My first day at my host site was very calm and it gave me a chance to meet everyone and get a fill, for what things may end up coming down the pike for the rest of the year. I walked out feeling great and knew that this would be a breeze. Side note, second day came, and you can say that the phrase “a walk in the park” was thrown out the window. My town manger and I were still getting to know each other more, along with everyone else in the office. I used to have terrible experiences with my old bosses because of the mistreat that they would give to all their workers. I was a little concerned because Brandon was challenging me and putting me on projects and assignments two weeks into my fellowship. Everyday for the month of august, I would go home and cry because I felt so overwhelmed. Although I felt defeated, I ended up building a strong bond with everyone here in the office and we are now one big family. I started to see a major shift in the way I think, the way I act, and how I communicate with people, I also started to see myself taking leadership and sitting at tables that I never thought I would ever be able to sit at. I didn’t let my defeat discourage me from showing myself that I am more than capable of achieving everything that I want out of this lifetime. As time progressed, Brandon became like another big brother to me, as I have become a little sister to him. I thank him for putting me on things earlier and coaching me the whole way through. He let me know that I was not alone and anything that I needed he was right there to help. I am only 3 months in and already feel like I can do anything that I put my mind to. I feel as though a lot of kids should experience this kind of work because once you learn that governmental work is bigger than yourself, then you would have learned grace. I have gotten my first project approved and although I had to cancel one project this past October, we are planning an even bigger event in the spring. I am excited to se what the rest of the fellowship holds during this time.