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Brushing our teeth, turning on the tap, or watching the rain wash away; when we need resources, we expect them to just—work; we might even take it for granted. But the City of Statesville Public Works Department never presumes the responsibility of ensuring things just work for our residents. Led by Mr. Mark Taylor, the five Public Works departments: stormwater, streets, sanitation, fleet maintenance, and engineering work to achieve the level of service our residents expect.

At the forefront of these expectations is the Stormwater Department (headed by Randall Moore). Recently, the department was tested by increased rainfall and the anticipated arrival of Hurricane Ida. The department has undergone work to meet the challenges of increased exertion on the City’s infrastructure from rain and water runoff; likewise, the department ensures that drainage issues will be resolved and carefully reviews each billing account to ensure accuracy.

The Street Department’s diverse working responsibilities such as repairing streets and drainage, filling potholes, and improving sidewalks, beget use for Statesville’s many streets and as a result of their work, on September 14th, Troutman Drive is being resurfaced. Additionally, in the coming weeks, the crews will also extend and pave Woodruff Drive. As a team, the department resolves any issues that may arise with the City streets. The street crews respond to requests from other City departments, as well as public requests, simultaneously sustaining both scheduled and emergency maintenance. This department also works intimately with the Statesville Police Department and Fire Department to assist whenever called upon. The City of Statesville also collaborates with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Consequently, NCDOT materials will arrive shortly to repair the E. Broad Street sinkhole, located adjacent to Caldwell Park.

In other street news, the majority of Statesville City residential streets were recently changed to 25 mph zones. The City Council took this action in response to residents’ requests and a recommendation from the Statesville Police Department as an effort to improve safety for both motorists and pedestrians.

The Statesville Sanitation Department stoutly shoulders the indispensable responsibility of collecting all unwanted items throughout the City. The Department collects garbage as well as bulk items, recyclables, and even yard waste according to a predetermined schedule. The current pandemic has allowed opportunities for households throughout the City to prioritize the removal of undesirable items from their homes, creating an unprecedented influx of waste. This phenomenon coupled with the exciting new growth the City of Statesville is experiencing has created a strain on sanitation services. It has become clear to the department that certain routes must be adjusted in order to maximize efficiency. The Public Works Department is soliciting proposals from several waste management companies to assist with this task and will ultimately choose the best option to meet our citizens’ needs and maximize efficiency. The operations assessment project is also being aided by the knowledgeable Geographic Information System (GIS) team within the City’s I.T. department. Optimistically, this project will be completed in Spring 2022.

Subsequently, the importance of unity is pivotal to the Public Works Department’s mission. Due to the recent growth in and around the City, current services have been strained. To meet the current and anticipated demand, City staff has been and will continue to diligently work on plans that will allow the City to remain aligned with varied expectations. As the City of Statesville envisions life to come, all City departments must continue working as one team. We will continue to guarantee these essential services as soon as you need them, so your public just makes things work.