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As a first generation college graduate, much of my professional and personal path has
consisted of forging a path forward in uncharted territory. I have also found that this is also true
post-college. Oftentimes, this reality is anxiety inducing. I find myself pausing in real time
wondering if I am doing things “right,” prompting me to never really live in the moment & instead
overthink on how my next move could be better.

We all know that transitions are always difficult: having to adapt to a new city; a new
schedule; oftentimes living alone; finding your niche at work; and overall inheriting a slew of
responsibilities and changes all at once is overwhelming. Nevertheless, this is life, and
especially the transition from college to “adulthood”.

As I embark 4 months into my post-collegiate life at my fellowship, I often reflect on that
transition and am grateful for the resources that are available to guide me as I continue to
march on new paths. I have built a network that I surround myself with that consists of friends
and fellows who are also embarking a similar journey, giving me a community where we can
share trial and error advice. I am also grateful for the resources provided by UNC and my host
site. Oftentimes we may feel as if we are alone in our transitions to new journeys but it is
important to find connections and resources to offset those natural feelings and hit the ground
running. It just takes the ability to recognize that it is an act of courage to know what you do not
know or recognize you need help despite a glorified narrative of hyperindependence.