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Transitioning from college to the “real world” has been one of the hardest transitions of my life, and for someone who has moved from to the US at age 12 from another country that says a lot. I feel like the expectations we set for ourselves after graduating college are unrealistic. We expect to graduate college and automatically accomplish everything we have ever dreamed of. I remember the day I graduated I was filled with joy and a feeling of accomplishment. I knew exactly what I was doing after graduation so I felt ready. It still sometimes feels like I could be doing more. When I look at the people I graduated high school with, some of them have children, some are married, some are still in school and some are already in their lifetime careers. Part of me feels like I am somewhere in between all of this not doing enough and the other part of me misses not having any real commitments, not having to worry about taking too many days off. I miss rolling out of bed 15 minutes before class. Being an adult is a lot different than I expected but that is not necessarily a bad thing. LFNC has opened my eyes in so many ways. I have loved having a full-time job and serving the community, it has been interesting to learn about the role of local government. It has also set expectations for future employment and the quality of life I want to have. On top of that being in the Lead for North Carolina program has made the transition easier, I have people that I can relate to. It is amazing to have fellows that understand what I am going through. I am excited to see what this new step in my life continues to bring.