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The goal of LFNC is to design and implement a premiere fellowship program for recent college graduates that:


    Generates a pipeline of young talent to local governments across NC, particularly in areas that have historically (or are projected to have) a difficult time attracting and retaining sufficient talent

    Provides a bridge between local governments (specifically in economically depressed communities or communities with unique needs), the School of Government, and professional associations

    Affords host local governments the benefit of smart, passionate, committed individuals to help them address both transactional and transformational issues


    Increases the diversity within local governments to better reflect the diversity of the communities they serve

    Creates a pipeline to MPA and other graduate programs in NC

    Fosters a greater sense of civic responsibility and encourages fellows to leave the fellowship with a deeper appreciation and dedication to their personal communities and our civic institutions

Through the LFNC program, fellows will gain a new perspective and appreciation of local government, understand the most pressing issues facing our communities, establish relationships with partner universities and organizations, and gain opportunities to engage with a growing alumni network of similarly-minded individuals.